Salpi Wreck

  • Type of Ship:  Cargo Ship
  • Measure: 2710 tons
  • Site: Capo Ferrato
  • Depth: between 47 - 60 meters

We have been diving on this wreck from 1998 thanks to the suggestion of Salvatore Arangino who discovered it with Francesco Moi.

We have always called it Marte (so excuse us if we sometimes still call it like this), but then the passionate and experienced explorer Andrea Ghisotti identified it. Now it is certain that it is the steamboat Salpi sank on February 9th, 1942 at 3.40 p.m.

The torpedoing by the British submarine Upholder stopped its navigation towards the Gulf of Cagliari: it sank in 5 minutes only, in the waters of Capo Ferrato where it lies at a depth of 60 meters. While sinking it broke in two parts that are now positioned side by side.

The poop is in sailing position with its loading of wheat, its cannon and the bullets; while the bow, loaded with enormous tubes tied up together, lies on the sand on its broadside.

The bow is at 10 m distance from the poop, side by side facing the same direction. The chassis of a truck is visible and it is easy to find small objects spread on the sandy bottom.

The Salpi always leaves something pending and maybe this is its real charm…