Romagna Wreck

  • Boat Type: Tanker Steamboat built in the 1899
  • Last owner: Soc. An. Italiana di Navigazione dei F.lli Marizzano
  • Location: Gulf of Cagliari


On August 2nd 1943, the supply steamship during the transport of gasoline from Arbatax to Cagliari hit a mine and for both the fire and the breakdowns it sank in a very short time.

The bow has detached itself and lies at about 800 m from the rest of the ship.

The deck is at 30 meters and it is incredible how the marine flora has made of a tragic event such a wonderful picture: sponges, corals, tunicates etc.

The ship lies on the sandy bottom, upright, in sailing trim at a maximum depth of 43 m. It is thrilling to admire the poop with the perfectly preserved screw blades.

This is the ideal dive for Nitrox or Trimix blends that allows to gain precious bottom time to enjoy a unique spectacle.