Loredan Wreck

This wonderful ship by Soc. An. Di Navigazione Adriatica was sunk by the English submarine “SAFARI”.

As a cruiser it had the task to protect the navigation of the ships Isonzo and Entella but, instead, they all sank together: a bitter memory for the Italian Navy.

The wreck, that lies on its left side, is between 54 and 65 m of depth and its keel is completely colonised by the rare Paramuricee Chamaleon: a colourful flowered garden that excites even the most experienced divers.

A completely concretioned machine-gun and the tanks for the gas stock are still visible. The wreck can be penetrated and it has become a fascinating house for groupers, fork-beard, conger eels and in the darkest zones for thousands of prawns.

It is a dive in which Trimix is used, as the depth exceeds the limits of recreational diving.

Questa immersione si svolge unicamente con miscele trimix a causa della profondità che supera ampiamente i limiti della subacquea ricreativa.