Isonzo Wreck

  • Boat Type:  Supply Steamship
  • Measures: 3390 tons
  • Site: Torre delle Stelle
  • Depth: between i 43 ed i 57 meters

The supply steamship Isonzo was part of a merchant convoy that on April 10th, 1943 at 6.30 p.m. was hit by four torpedoes launched by the English submarine Safari.

It was hit under the keel and the poop sank after only 15 minutes.

It lies on the starboard side on a sandy bottom that goes from 42 to 57 meters. It has two cannons perfectly preserved and it looks like they are guarding this iron giant.

It is possible to admire the depth bombs in their containers, the sheet anchor and the two main anchors in the wonderful bow.

During the dive it isn’t rare to meet big fish and take pictures of groupers, now kings of the wrecks.

It is a dive to do with Trimix or using hyper-oxygenate deco mixtures.