Technical Courses

With this word, the diving community defines a diving method used to perform deco dives using blends physiologically suited for every phase of the dive. TDI is a world leader in the teaching of these methodologies and offers a complete training program for the diver.

The technical diving path is long and the diver has to possess three fundamental qualities to access it: Consciousness, Experience and Inclination. Personal equilibrium, evaluation ability and specific competence are crucial and fundamental qualities to access the technical courses. Here below are the different qualifications in technical diving:

  • Nitrox Diver
  • Intro to Tech
  • Advanced Nitrox Diver
  • Extended Range
  • Trimix Diver
  • Advanced Trimix Diver


Stefano Bianchelli, diver since 1986 and with 6000 dives experience, is Trimix Intructor Trainer TDI, a qualification that allows training instructors up to the maximum level. He personally takes care of the technical diving part thanks to his wide experience, as he has been practicing it with passion since its beginning.

Become a complete diver with us experiencing an exciting activity in safety!!