SDI Advanced Diver

SDI Advanced Adventure Diver & Advanced Diver Development Program

SDI offers two ways to become Advanced Diver. As for the other internationally recognized didactics RSTC, the first is based on an introduction to 5 specialties to choose from:

  • Proper weighting (Pro Dive Scuba Service special technique);
  • Use of Nitrox blends;
  • Orienteering;
  • Deep dive up to 30 meters;
  • Wreck dive.

In the Advanced Diver Development Program the diver gets a more complete training attending 4 specialty courses.

To attend the SDI Advanced Diver Development Program the diver is required to have 25 recorded dives as Open Water diver and the successful completion of 4 specialties among which the Deep dive, that qualifies to dive at the maximum depth of 40 meters.

nb: il corsista deve essere in possesso di certificato medico, in corso di validità, attestante l'idoneità all'attività subacquea.