The main characteristic of this close circuit rebreather is its flexibility in its possible different configurations.

The builder has chosen to place the counter lungs in the canister making it ideal for penetration diving, for example in wreck or caves.

The canister is built with composite material favoring lightness and, at the same time, also solidity.

The display for decompression is Sherwater Predator with a solid and efficient electronic and it allows the use of the most important decompression systems: VPM and Gradient Factor. The redundancy can be selected by the user who can choose to mount a Head Up Display or a second checking monitor of PpO2.

The choice to place the counter lungs inside the canister gives the diver the possibility to use it both in the back-mounted configuration and in the "side-mounted" one

The manual by-pass for oxygen and the diluent are fixed in the chest strap to be easily reached.

The journey made by the breathed gas is very important. Having a single counter lung placed before the oxygen sensors, in which both the oxygen and the gas diluent enter, the diver always breathes a “known” blend that is showed by the computer.

Anteriormente il diver non ha altro che il proprio imbraco, a favore di una penetrazione più agevole in ambienti stretti; inoltre la posizione dei corrugati dell'SF2 ECCR e la loro configurazione , permettono al diver di muovere la testa in completa libertà.

The Comment

It is an electronic close circuit system extremely flexible and solid; it is chosen by those divers who like exploring wrecks and, generally, doing penetration diving.
The easiness of the system makes it solid, handy and very efficient: it occupies an important niche in the field of close circuit rebreathers.

Stefano Bianchelli

Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor TDI amp; IART & SF2 ECCR