Il JJ-CCR It is a well-studied close circuit rebreather complete with all the characteristics required by each diver.

It is furnished with redundant instruments, a good breathing system and sensors easy to be calibrated.

The builder has chosen to place the counter lungs behind the shoulders leaving the chest free.

A practical digital HUD (Head Up Display), completely independent in the switching on, provides easy visual information and the Sherwater Petrel computer on the wrist (solid and complete of information) closes the redundancy of the JJ-CCR.

The tanks are conveniently fixed to the canister and it is possible to choose their dimensions for every dive.

A manual by-pass for oxygen allows possible corrections and the manual use of the machine.

Thanks to a strong ADV, the diluent automatically enters in the counter lungs during descent and it is possible to add (optional when purchasing it) a manual by-pass to increase the redundancy of the system.

For this rebreather it is also possible to use two types of filter, the basic Axial filter or buying the Radial filter (a high performance one).

IThe canister in aluminum guarantees a great solidity and, moreover, limits the production of moisture inside the machine reducing, thanks to the thermal exchange, the temperature, that increases when the filtering material reacts with the Co2./p>

The structure is made of steel and being at the bottom of the canister protects the first stage regulators from possible knocks and makes the rebreather stable.

The Comment

It is a strong and well-rounded rebreather whose use is easy to learn also to the less experts, it is well balanced in water and the breathing is comfortable. It is a CCR that certainly have a lot of success in the international setting for the close circuit machines.

Stefano Bianchelli

Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor TDI & IART