Stefano Bianchelli is TDI and IART Instructor and can teach the Innerspace Megalodon ECCR courses at maximum level Advanced Mixed Gas 100 m
The Innerspace ECCR Megalodon is one of the most wanted for its:

  • Reliability
  • Genuineness of material
  • Assistance on the product

The Megalodon is a solid and reliable ECCR (electronic closed circuit), extensively tested and known everywhere in the world.

Thanks to the easiness, solidity and quality of its materials this rebreather is placed at the maximum levels in the international setting.

The Megalodon is an advanced rebreather both under the technical and qualitative point of view. It is available in tree versions:

  • Copis s m-CCR
  • Megalodon is a redundant e-CCR
  • Mini-meg, it differs from the Megalodon only for the reduced canister dimensions, it is lighter and more compact.