Can I attend the course

How can I attend a CCR Air Diluent course?

To attend the first Air Diluent course the following qualifications are required:

  • 2nd level certificate
  • Nitrox Diver certificate
  • Decompression (for Air Diluent 45 m) certificate

Is it necessary to have a Rebreather?

To attend the first level Air Diluent it is not necessary to have your own Rebreather as it is possible (asking for it in advance) to rent it for the course.

The diver will be able to test the system before buying it so that once understood the functioning he/she will be able to choose the type of rebreather that better suits him/her, also in terms of economic costs

The course uses the "Personal Training" formula: the maximum number of divers per group is 3 to benefit as much as possible from the CCR Air Diluent course.

In this way the student can achieve the goal on his own CCR Air Diluent course.


Pro dive Scuba Service has been operating in Villasimius, in Sardinia, since 1998 in an environment without equal.It has been the first diving in Sardinia to offer services for rebreather divers having a fast and precise multi blend station. The transparent waters of the Marine Park of Capo Carbonara, whose geographical position always allows to dive, are a guarantee to reach the goals of the course.

How long is the course?

The course lasts at least 5 consecutive days , in which 8 dives are done

It is also possible to organise courses to suit the personal needs of the divers, also in other sites.