Rebreather Courses

Scuba diving is a passion that can last forever and, as any other passion, it is fostered by the continuous wish of learning and discovery. Today we could define the rebreather as the tool of the future coming from the past. Scuba divers are more and more fascinated and engaged in this system as they wish to experience water in a new and different way and they want to learn as much as possible about the new scuba tools.

Pro Dive Scuba Service has been the first diving in Sardinia to host, serve and train divers who use this diving tool. Pro Dive Scuba Service has always given attention to the study and spread of the diving culture and it is for this reason that the diving has specialized in the rebreather sector to offer a new service.

Our goal is to spread and offer a service to both those who wish to approach the use of the rebreather and those who already use it.

We have everything Reb Divers need to allow them to travel without extra weight and size. We have 3-liters cylinders, boosters to load oxygen and the best quality absorbent material.

You will just have to take with you the counter lungs, the canister with the empty filter, the regulators and the jacket leaving at home about 20 kilos of chemical absorbent and accessories.

Stefano Bianchelli has been using different kinds of rebreathers since 2006 for any type of dive and he has more than 2600 hours of experience. He is a rebreather instructor for CCR Innerspace Megalodon, Pathfinder, JJ-CCR and SF2 ECCR up to the maximum level Advanced Mixed Gas 100 m.

Discover the new and exciting way of diving with us! Follow the experience!!